Miltos Manetas, NOW FROM THE PAST (Twin Towers), 2001, Oil on Canvas, Courtesy The Artist, NYC, US

as a digital artist
i do not have the patience
to make visual art.
i prefer to use visual art
of other artists
and add my own meaning.
like i just did here.

Miltos Manetas, UNTITLED (Blu), 2006, Oil on Canvas, 200x300cm, Courtesy Priscilla Tea, Milan, Italy

this is a smart sad dog.
but he will never be
as smart or as sad
as we humans are
we are better than dogs.
we are better than all animals.

2015__Trees for Alpha (Four Years), 30x25cm, Collection: Alpha Manetas; BOGOTA;

it might be possible
that in the far far future
someone makes
a worse painting of trees,
but so far this is the worst one.
this makes it unique.

Miltos Manetas

when i was a teen
all my friends lost virginity before me.
i saw that as a provocation.
i did not have a girlfriend
so i hired a prostitute.
she was very nervous.

Miltos Manetas, SELFIE III, 2010, Oil on Canvas, 50x70cm, Courtesy The Artist, Bogota, Colombia

i found this phone once.
it was so unbelievable to me
that someone lost their phone
that i thought it was a prank
or a terrorist attack.
it was very exciting.

Miltos Manetas, POINT OF VIEW (Alessandro Del Acqua), 1999, Oil on Canvas, 40x48 inches, 121.92 x 101.6 cm Courtesy Private Collection, Milan, IT

every man
should have a favorite suit.
it might be a suit we wore young
or a suit someone else wore.
it is awesome
when we can actually wear it.

Miltos Manetas 1996_LAPTOP (Apple PowerBook)

i was in a computer shop
with my father.
he saw that i liked a computer
and i told him
i needed it for my new job.
he bought it for me
on spot.

Miltos Manetas Julian Assange Nikola Tosic

my father
was a football player
yet i never played
or enjoyed football.
now that he is gone
i wish i did.