smoking kills

Miltos Manetas, NOW FROM THE PAST (Twin Towers), 2001, Oil on Canvas, Courtesy The Artist, NYC, US

as a digital artist
i do not have the patience
to make visual art.
i prefer to use visual art
of other artists
and add my own meaning.
like i just did here.

we are better

Miltos Manetas, UNTITLED (Blu), 2006, Oil on Canvas, 200x300cm, Courtesy Priscilla Tea, Milan, Italy

this is a smart sad dog.
but he will never be
as smart or as sad
as we humans are
we are better than dogs.
we are better than all animals.

beautiful garbage

2015__Trees for Alpha (Four Years), 30x25cm, Collection: Alpha Manetas; BOGOTA;

it might be possible
that in the far far future
someone makes
a worse painting of trees,
but so far this is the worst one.
this makes it unique.

nervous sex

Miltos Manetas

when i was a teen
all my friends lost virginity before me.
i saw that as a provocation.
i did not have a girlfriend
so i hired a prostitute.
she was very nervous.


Miltos Manetas, SELFIE III, 2010, Oil on Canvas, 50x70cm, Courtesy The Artist, Bogota, Colombia

i found this phone once.
it was so unbelievable to me
that someone lost their phone
that i thought it was a prank
or a terrorist attack.
it was very exciting.

every man

Miltos Manetas, POINT OF VIEW (Alessandro Del Acqua), 1999, Oil on Canvas, 40x48 inches, 121.92 x 101.6 cm Courtesy Private Collection, Milan, IT

every man
should have a favorite suit.
it might be a suit we wore young
or a suit someone else wore.
it is awesome
when we can actually wear it.

a new job

Miltos Manetas 1996_LAPTOP (Apple PowerBook)

i was in a computer shop
with my father.
he saw that i liked a computer
and i told him
i needed it for my new job.
he bought it for me
on spot.


Miltos Manetas Julian Assange Nikola Tosic

my father
was a football player
yet i never played
or enjoyed football.
now that he is gone
i wish i did.